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Care Homes

Petrapeace ‘MUSIC for LIFE’ workshops         
 ..... ‘When words fail, music often speaks’

We invite you to experience our unique interactive music sessions at your Home or Centre. Developed over 10 years at Care Homes, Day Centres or at Centres for those with mental or physical disabilities, hospitals and hospices – these sessions employ the power of music – both live and recorded – to lift the spirits and ‘connect’ with clients who are participants, not just listeners.  We use the latest research on the restorative, therapeutic and mood-enhancing properties of music, and have a huge range of music to use - suitable for all tastes.

Music has a unique way of reaching people who seem unreachable in any other way – we have many experiences of rekindling life in clients.  Staff, families and clients alike are delighted by the release and ‘awakening’ they observe and experience. An activities coordinator at one of the homes that Petrapeace visit regularly puts it this way ‘Your sessions are extremely valuable. You have extensive love and knowledge of music and a deep understanding of how each individual can live through the sessions, past the realms of their physical limitations. You enable each person to experience challenge yet achieve. The sessions are safe and well thought through, with something for everyone. You promote each person's well being through your sensitive deliverance of the material. Your material is diverse and enthusiastically delivered’.  

Our sessions provide exercise (for both body and mind), and encourage a ‘togetherness’  and harmony in residents. We use dance music to stimulate mobility (or hand dancing for the less-mobile), make use of rhythm instruments (which we provide), singalongs (songsheets provided), quizzes, conducting (batons provided), or listening and reminiscing.   We can also provide themed parties – eg Pub parties, Fish and Chip Supper Parties, Tea at the Ritz afternoons – you provide the beer mats, fish and chips or ‘waitresses’ in black and white aprons and we do the rest!

The workshops, each an hour long, are sensitively led by Peter Shearer. He has provided hundreds of these sessions and is alert to changes of mood amongst the clients, and reacts on the spot with changes to the music menu as this requires. When  Peter is asked to bring his keyboard to play (or plays yours), live music is integrated with a vast menu of recorded music which allows him to encourage and interact personally with the clients

Contact Peter on 07879 637607