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Peter records CDs and DVDs of 'soaking music' as a resource both for other therapists and to back up his main activity of one-to-one or small group therapy and teaching - this helps clients to find freedom of spirit, increased creativity and healing using music. His compositions, improvisations and albums are enjoyed by young and old, and by varying creeds and cultures. 

Peter's albums have been heard in over 40 countries - in various settings ranging from hospices to restaurants.  It often brings a calming effect which allows deep-seated emotions in the subconscious to surface and be dealt with safely.  This is particularly true in a live ‘soaking therapy’ session.  For this reason Peter works with other health and counselling professionals when appropriate.  He has developed an impressive list of case studies which illustrate the breadth of application of his work.

Peter's music helps us to harmonise with the place of peace and helps us find a safe 'space' free of threat and internal 'chatter'. He has played at hospices, hospitals and to groups of youngsters with special needs such as those at Mencap.

He uses music to address the needs of individuals with terminal and chronic illness, and to help release others from the chains of the past.  He helps to address problems arising from bereavement, deafness and other sensory inbalances, and also deals with those who are hard to ‘reach’ with words alone.

He teaches on Music and Healing at Cancer Centres, Arts Project workshops, and provides conferences/workshops for and with other therapists – psychologists, counsellors, complementary therapists and dance specialists whose skills can be complemented and empowered by music. Therapists often buy Peter's CDs to complement their own therapy.

He also teaches how to find freedom, creativity and healing using music, typically in small group settings. Peter has worked in a prison and a drug rehabilitation centre, as well as healing centres inside and outside the church.